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School Site Council

The School Site Council (SSC) is a school community’s representative body, made up of school staff, parents/community members, and at the secondary level, students. The primary responsibility of the SSC is to participate in the development and monitoring of the Single Plan for Student Achievement/Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), evaluate the effectiveness of programs, monitor the use of supplemental funding available to the school site, seek input from school advisory committees, and reaffirm or revise school goals. The School Site Council oversees improvement funds that are used to enhance the academics and social development of students at Monte Gardens. Monte Gardens has ten School Site Council members, each elected for two years. Ms. Inzeo, Principal, serves as the chair.

Current SSC Membership

Members serve for two-year terms

Staff Members

Bess Inzeo, Principal

Lisa Dias Martin, Classified Staff

Nancy Petruzzelli, Teacher

Michaela Urias, Teacher 

Leeann Hutchings, Teacher

Parent Members

Camille Baldini, Parent

Jenny Wright, Parent

Brandon Engelbert, Parent

Sabrina Dong, Parent

Farukh Munir, Parent