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Traffic Safety

Schools Open

Support Your Traffic Volunteers & Noon Supervisors!

There are approximately 580 students driven or bused to our school each day. For this reason, it is important that every driver follows the procedures. For your understanding, we have mapped out how to safely transport your child into our school.

Student Arrival:

Students are allowed to be in the MU or near the flagpole from 7:45-8:00 each morning. We have supervision on campus at 7:45.

All students will walk to the back playground from the flagpole entrance. All adults will say goodbye at the flagpole.

The school gates open at 8:00 a.m. and students will be allowed to the back playground to wait for the school bell rings to ring at 8:10 a.m.

Student Dismissal:

Please communicate with your child about their dismissal location. At the end of the school day, students will go to one of the following places: Carpool Gate, Flagpole, Back Gate Area, Cares Program, Dianne Adair Program.

Guidelines for Drop-off and Pick-up at Monte Gardens

Students arriving by car in the morning will be entering on Carlotta Drive. We highly recommend that all cars make a right hand turn into the car pool lane from Carlotta, rather than a left hand turn from the direction of Ashdale or Larkspur. Once in the car lane, follow the circle and go along the cyclone fence. DO NOT turn your car off or walk your child to the gate. Buses at this time can be entering through the bus lane. DO NOT DRIVE through the bus lane.

When it is safe, your child will be allowed to proceed to the car. Students who are walking or riding bikes must walk through the school grounds. Do not at any time walk or ride bikes in the car or bus lanes.

A Few Reminders About Traffic Procedures:

- Please be considerate. Parents, do not get out of your car. Please have children ready to exit the car before entering the car lane each morning.

-Parking in front of the school, behind the staff cars is strictly prohibited. All drivers seen in this area will be asked to move. Your children will not be allowed to load or unload in front of the school.

-Please wait patiently in your car in the car line during the drop-off and pick-up times. Some afternoons, children arrive to the gate a few minutes apart and it takes time to get the carpools organized before letting the students go to their cars.

- Please be aware of the students in the crosswalks in front of the school. Safety First!
Reserve the handicapped parking for those who have business inside the school, or for those who provide transportation to our students with disabilities. 

-There is no parking along the fence during at anytime. Do not block the car pool lane for any reason during drop off and pick up times, including our kindergarten times.

What & Where is the back gate? 

The area by Dianne Adair Daycare to enter/exit Monte Gardens accessible through the “back” of the school between Shadelands preschool and Sunrise Elementary located on Village Rd. 

If you are picking up/dropping off a child to/from both Monte Gardens and Dianne Adair Daycare, please use the spaces provided on the outside of the Dianne Adair parking lot, or park on Village Rd. 

Back Gate Expectations:

  • We need all adults and students to: Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible.

  • Follow all California State Traffic Laws.

  • Shadelands/Sunrise drop off circle & parking are for Shadelands/Sunrise school only. Do not drive your vehicle into the parking lot of Sunrise/Shadelands for ANY reason, morning or afternoon (No quick drop offs, no turnarounds, no parking).

  • All vehicles must park in the neighborhood (VIllage Rd and above).

  • Dianne Adair Parking Lot is for their Pick-up & Drop off only.

  • Use appropriate voices when walking in the Sunrise/Shadelands School area. 

  • Quiet voices please. These schools may be in session as well.

  • Trees are to be looked enjoyed,

  • There is no parking in the District Office Parking Lot. It is for District employees/business only.

  • Follow the direction of staff & volunteers during pick up & drop off.

  • Use Sidewalks, Pathways & Crosswalks to walk.

  • Look both ways before walking through the crosswalks & parking lots.

  • Bikes need to be walked through crosswalks, parking lots and pathways once you are entering the school zone.

  • Please use the Sunrise/Shadelands Schools in a respectful, safe & responsible manner. Continue to talk to your students about these expectations.

  • It is a privilege to have the gates open to MGE students & families.  Let’s work together to keep the back gate open.


Friendly Reminders on Traffic Procedures:

Please make sure you:

DO NOT allow children out of your car when you are not pulled over in a legally parked spot.

Obey all traffic laws at all times. 

No “double parking” behind staff parking spots. 

Do not block our neighbors' driveways. They need to be clear for our neighbors to exit and enter their property without being blocked. 

Please adhere to all traffic signs. 

When crossing the street please ONLY use the crosswalks.  

Use sidewalks to walk students safely to school.

Follow all directions from the campus noon supervisors and parent volunteers.  For those not wishing to be involved in the traffic jams which ensue, I would recommend legally parking in the neighborhood and walking to and from pickup and dropoff.  

There is no parking in staff parking or at the MDUSD district office. 

If you are walking through the Sunrise/Shadelands School behind Monte Gardens, you may not drop your child off in their parking lot or drive through their bus circle. It is a privilege to use this entrance and we want this to continue for our neighborhood families. With your help, we can ensure each and every student of ours gets to school and arrives home safely.  

Bikes and scooters should be walked on and off campus.

Thank you for your cooperation!